Develop Your Thought Leadership

Discover our coaching process for uncovering your purpose, passion and your unique pathway for impact, so you can become a Thought Leader in your industry - even if you don’t believe you’re an expert.

Veza's Thought Leadership

Work Book

Emerge as a Thought Leader

To be a thought leader is to be considered an authoritative expert in your chosen field. Thought leadership can help at any stage of your career as thoughtful positioning will propel you forward. 


According to Michael Brenner, thought leadership is "a type of content marketing where you tap into [your] talent, experience, and passion [...] to consistently answer the biggest questions on the minds of your target audience, on a particular topic."


Think of the experts who are asked their opinion on the day’s news on TV or radio. Think of the guest speakers who give talks or presentations at events across the country and beyond. What does their visibility do for their ability to attract clients? To build the career of their dreams? To make an impact on the world?

Even if you think you’re not an expert.

Even if you think nobody would want to hear what you have to say.


There are things you know that nobody else does.

There are ways that your unique perspective can change lives.

There are ways that you add value through your passion.


Developing your thought leadership will let the rest of the world see that.


Veza’s Thought Leadership Work Book

is a strategy guide we give to our coaching clients who want to use their voice to enact change and add value to the world.

Use this guide to:


Connect to your deeper purpose and passion, so you can develop your expertise on what matters most to you


Determine the impact you want to have on the world and the pathways that will work best for you


Find your audience and learn to use your passion to connect with them


Create a content plan aligned to your values and strengths that will build your credibility and expertise


Thought Leadership

Work Book

Invest in your career and your own personal and professional development.


Get our secrets. Until now, the Thought Leadership Workbook has been exclusive to Veza coaching clients.


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